Rosie Harte

Rosie thank you very much for giving our KagedMuscle fans your time. To kick us off, can you tell us what first got you into Bodybuilding?

Hello. Well I originally come from a dancing background; I've danced since I was 3 and got my BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Dance about 4years ago. The dance was very intense at University and the physical strength that was needed to execute the moves skillfully was more than I had. I always had fairly strong legs but my upper body was lagging. Therefore, I started lifting weights, and at the same time met my fella Jamie. He really showed me how to train like a Bodybuilder, and taught me about nutrition to grow. I noticed my body hardening up straight away, and was totally buzzin off the idea of getting Bigger Muscles. I was very strong for my size and weight and got a real kick out of shifting heavy weights, and I still do. I love lifting heavy.

Cool stuff and again here is an example of an athlete who used Bodybuilding to improve their performance in their current sport but ended up falling for it. Following on from that, when did you first compete?

I did my first competition in 2007, which was the NPA Heart of England Comp.

Quite recently then, were you nervous for your first competition?

I was nervous driving to the comp, but once I got in and started getting ready I was sound. I don't get any nerves about going on stage as I'm from a performance background, but I started worrying I wasn't lean, I kept lifting my top up to check my abs were still lean.

Right so your dancing background has certainly helped from that aspect and I’m you’re your able to deliver a great posing routine too. Honestly, I think that is what a lot of bodybuilders feel like especially to begin with before going on stage. Can you tell us your accomplishments on the Bodybuilding Circuit up until now?

Well I'm really quite a newbie as far as the competing goes.
2007 NPA H O England    1st place    Best Posing Routine
2008 Sci Mentor                 1st Place   Best Posing Routine
2008 Nabba N.E                2nd Place   Best Posing Routine
2008 Nabba Brits               6th Place 
After these comps I decided to take a whole year off to bulk up and get that size I need to make a bigger impact on stage. I'm really looking forward to my next comp to show all the hard work I have put in.



You maybe a newbie, but its not how long you have done it for but what you have done in that time ;). Just as I thought, 3 awards for best posing routine! What is your most memorable experience whilst competing?

Mmm, Mezza eating all my jelly babies backstage when he was guest posing at Nabba N.E. Really I just remember watching Mez pumping up and just thinking this guy is awesome, an inspiration.

Gosh that man, first we hear about his cravings for Coco pops and milk, now jelly babies, what next? On a serious not he is a total inspiration especially where conditioning is involved. What are your goals in regards to competing?

Well I'm expecting big things over the next few years. I'm planning on doing the Nabba North East again this year, then onto the British Finals. After that I'm not sure for 2010. In 2011 I'm planning to do some comps a bit further a field than the UK and hope to get my pro card. After this the sky is the limit and I hope to be a top L.W Bodybuilder in the US pro circuit.

Nothing like string ambition and combined with your current success there is no reason why you cannot realize your dreams! How do you sum up your progress on the female Bodybuilding scene in the UK and across the Globe?

Well I have quite a large fan base in the US, and as my achievements have not been large in as much as I haven't competed much yet, I think there is a lot of support and anticipation of what the future holds. For example, I have already been featured on the Species Site with Dave Palumbo, someone who has helped me over the last few months. I think a good year of competing will do me the world of good; I've had a great year of promoting myself, now it's time to back up all my hype.

For sure and I’m positive all of the KagedMuscle fans will look forward to seeing you tearing the stage up this year! What do you feel you and other Female Bodybuilders can do to bring the sport on?

This is a tricky one. I think just to stay very feminine seems to help, and promotes the sport in a better way. I always hear we should be presenting a package of beauty, femininity, muscle, symmetry and condition. I think I have always just stuck with this and have tried to get the best balance and I always receive recognition for this from fans and other competitors. So when I plan my off season and plan my pre comp diet, I don't just focus on gaining mass, or getting incredibly lean, I focus on presenting the whole package.

That’s great advice as personally I feel female bodybuilding should remain feminine opposed to freaky. You have certainly maintained a great overall balance which is probably why people expect so much of you in the coming years. So moving on from competing lets move on to your training. Run us through your training split and what works best for you.

Off season, I train 4times a week, 45mins-1hour just weights, and I get in all my body parts once. This is best as I get lots of rest.
Pre comp
Monday       am 30mins cardio    pm Chest, tris & abs
Tuesday      am Quads, glutes & calves
Wednesday am 30mins cardio    pm Back, bis, abs
Thursday     am 45mins cardio
Friday         am Hams, glutes, Calves
Saturday     am 30mins cardio   pm Shoulders, abs
Sunday       am 45mins cardio

This works very well for me pre comp, it gets me lean and I always gain size pre comp because I train very hard and the amino acids are of a better quality in my diet. I don't train abs off season, they thicken up anyway from lifting heavy on other body parts. I train my calves twice because it gets them harder and gives a bit of growth too, as they are a weak body part for me. With abs and calves I tend to do one day high volume and then low reps heavy weight the next session.

That’s a great weekly spread. Regarding calves and abs I think this is becoming the norm to train them more than once to really accelerate the development. Let’s hear some of your heaviest lifts

Ok, so keep in mind I'm 5ft 1" and only 8.7 stone when lifting this weight.
Leg Press 360kg- 6reps
Squat       100kg- 6reps- Deep!
Deadlift   110kg- 6reps
Bench       60kg- 6reps
Shoulder Press      27kg dumbells-6reps

Really, that is very impressive especially at your weightJ. What is your advice for other Female Bodybuilders and athletes alike regarding their training?

Listen to your body, don't over train. I would never train through an injury or through illness.
Make sure you enjoy other aspects of life too; it's great to be motivated and dedicated, but to make this a lifelong enjoyment and possible career you don't want to burn out. Make sure you get smart advice, don't just listen to the first person you speak too. For women it is extremely important to get sound advice! I was very lucky to have had trustworthy and knowledgeable people around me from day1.

Great advice and I agree it is especially important for women to seek the right advice which is why we have the likes of Rosie and Jody on board to help you. Is there any exercises you particularly like or dislike?

I love Squats, and Leg Press. I like all the compound movements really. I also like chins for back and dips for tris.
I'm not a huge fan of some machine exercises; they're not designed for my size. The standing calf raise, I'm too short to get a stretch. I just have to improvise and do something else.

Chin ups are fantastic for developing that lovely v-taper back we all desire. Machines can be a pain and I believe free weights are superior. Do you feel woman are able to train as hard and as intense as men?

Of course. Me personally I can train very hard. If someone wants to put me through a tough workout I'll do what they say and I won't moan, I might be sick but I'll be buzzin.
I think it's nothing to do with gender, it just depends on what the individuals goals are and how focused they are.

Cool, maybe I will have to get you down to the Dungeon gym in Wales for a leg workout with Neil Hill, that is the ultimate test for any hardcore trainer let me tell you! Right lets hear your take on Nutrition, what's your diet like all year round and how does it differ leading to a competition?

Well I admit in the past my off season diet has been horrendous. This last year though I have made changes. I cut out all the crap and stopped binge eating. I was eating roughly 3000-3500 calories a day, all pretty clean too. These include potato, brown rice, oats, weetabix, chicken, steak, shakes, milk, nuts, olive oil fruit and veg. I would eat every 2-3hours and have a mix of protein, fat and carbohydrates in each meal. On top of this if I could stomach it I would have some junk. Towards the end of this off season I couldn't wait to start dieting, I was very tired of eating so much.
Pre comp
I change my protein over to eggs, turkey, white fish, steak, whey and casein. I also only have carbohydrates in my first meal and the meals around my training, other than this I tend to eat fats with my protein. I always carb rotate though, usually 100g, 100g, 150g, 200g, 80g, 350g, 50g......
But it's always high protein all year round.

That’s the important bit, keeping your protein high. How important is it for you to consume plenty of water?

It's very important, I always buy bottled so I know how much I'm having. I usually have about 4litres a day and more once the cardio starts. Not only does it keep you alive and well but it can help the hunger pangs on a diet.

It can indeed and boy does it get you pumped especially when your carb intake is high! What kind of supplementation do you use?

I cycle creatine all year, and use glutamine and amino capsules for before bed, before cardio, between meals and if I'm on a night out. I also use Protein shakes, whey for after training and casein for throughout the day. I also use a good all round vitamin, for digestion, immune health and joint care.

Ok so you use a diverse range of quality muscle building, catabolic inhibiting and energy boosting supplements. For all of the KagedMuscle fans what supplementation should they be using and why?

All of the above get a good creatine. You can get these as a pre workout; this will give you more energy, strength, focus, better pumps and better recovery. This will give you great muscle gains. You need the glutamine for your joints and recovery. It's also great for your stomach; it helps repair stomach lining and aids gastrointestinal function.
You can get all in one shakes, or you can buy individual whey, casein, creatine, glutamine etc...
Also I think it's important to consider natural testosterone boosters (for men) and fat burners as another tool to achieve the best results on a diet. The natural testosterone boosters will increase natural testosterone levels. The fat burners, you can get stimulant and non stimulant fat loss pills, it depends on what you prefer, and also if your creatine contains a stimulant, you don't want to be too wired.

You heard her, now do as she says and fill your basket ;). Do you feel that people trying to accelerate their career in Bodybuilding can benefit from a tailor made training and die programme?

Absolutely, if you're a beginner it's so important to have some solid advice and someone to teach you good form whilst training. Even the pro's have personal trainers and someone to help with their diet. It can help for motivation, knowledge and support. It's always good to have someone else looking at your progress and telling you where you could make changes. There is so much that goes into Bodybuilding, the off season and then the diet, the routine on show day. I think it can really make all the difference to the outcome on the big day.

For sure it can which is why KagedMuscle has got a great team which can do professional tailor made plans for very good prices. We also have some great testimonies for you to see! Tell our KagedMuscle fans how you are going to be involved with us.

Well, I'm going to be part of the KagedMuscle team; I'll be on the chat forum answering any questions, sharing my knowledge with you regarding Bodybuilding. I'll also be there if you just want to say hello. I feel I can be of great help especially to all you ladies; I'll be someone you can trust with any queries and will most likely have experienced all the dilemmas you might be experiencing whilst trying to gain muscle or getting lean. I'm really looking forward to chatting with the KagedMuscle fans and getting a chance to help and encourage others in this sport is going to be wicked! Xxx


Rosie thanks so much for joining the team here at KagedMuscle and we look forward to hearing your advice and opinions on all the various topics of Bodybuilding!